The WordPress eXtended Rss (WXR) Export/Import, XML Document Format Decoded and Explained.

The Developer's Tidbits

This article was written in March of 2011 but has been revised in December 2013. As there is no official documentation on WRX this information has been reverse-engineered. So it may not be accurate and could be out-dated at any time. New additions are underlined whileredundant sections are marked out.

One of the great things about WordPress is its portability and its popularity. It is extremely easy for a WordPress owner to move their entire site, comments and all between different hosting providers without the use of complex database languages such as SQL.

Every WordPress site provides the option to import and export data between WordPress servers. This is not restricted to the site entries themselves but can also include the post categories, tags, comments, drafts and even spam! It does all this with the WordPress Extended Rss document format, WXR.

The WXR format is based on the Really Simple…

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